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Sprint 8 Training Guide
The Sprint 8® program delivers better results in less time and with fewer workouts than you would expect. It is the exclusive, science-based regimen that uses intensity to optimize the effort you put in.
Forbes Article:
Exercise Which Maximizes Neurotransmitters?
More from on the latest research from Phil Campbell.
Forbes Article:
Ultra-High Performance Training
Forbes interviewed Phil Campbell for more information on his revolutionary Sprint 8 regimen.
The Key to Longevity — Lengthen Your Telomeres
Begin recruiting all muscle fiber types with Sprint 8, and you’ll do great things for your body, including looking and feeling younger.
How the Sprint 8® Program Leads to a Longer, Healthier Life
Hear from Phil Campbell about how Sprint 8 has the ability to lengthen your telomeres, which could lead a longer and healthier life.
How Sprint 8® Workouts Increase Energy
Think you need coffee to have more energy? Think again! Hear from Phil Campbell about using Sprint 8 to give you more energy in a natural and healthy way.
How Sprint 8® Workouts Maximize Results
Learn the secret to burning fat for up to 2 hours after your Sprint 8 workout!
Meet Phil and Learn Why He Created the Sprint 8® Program
Hear first-hand from Phil Campbell in his signature southern drawl about exactly why he created the Sprint 8 program.
Benefits of the Sprint 8® Workout
Learn how and why to recruit your fast-twitch muscle fibers to stimulate the release of human growth hormone. You’ll hear how to achieve maximum benefits by following the protocols from Phil Campbell, the creator of the Sprint 8® program.
2017 Fitness Prediction: Sprint-Intensity Cardio Will Replace HIIT
The Sprint 8® Protocol is more intense than interval training, but worth the effort, according to its creator Phil Campbell.
White Paper:
Sprint 8® Exercise Protocol
The Sprint 8 Exercise Protocol is a novel approach to fighting obesity efficiently among middle-aged females by substantially increasing HGH serum levels.
White Paper Abstract:
Sprint 8® Exercise Protocol
In just 8 weeks, Sprint 8 has shown a 31% drop in body fat, a significant success by any measure. Participants worked out for 20 minutes, 3 days a week.
What is the Sprint 8® Program?
Learn how to get started on the Sprint 8 Protocol from its creator, Phil Campbell. You’ll hear exactly how to follow the program, whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete.